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Top 10 Signs You’re Experiencing Kundalini Awakening In Its Rawest Form

At Vlogmail, we offer regular personal and professional development through inspiration, motivation, and training. Today we, are sharing “Top 10 Signs You’re Experiencing Kundalini Awakening In Its Rawest Form”.

Kundalini for those who do not know is a Sanscrit term from ancient times. This work holds more meaning than most could imagine and the energies associated with it and its awakening are monumental, to say the least.

Kundalini is, for the most part, describes most frequently as a dormant snake or serpent energy locked up inside of the base of a person’s spine. This rolled up energetic snake is a source of great power for us and while it is asleep, waking it up can bring forth creativity, strength, and unimaginable emotions. At some point in your life, you will experience a Kundalini awakening and it will truly change everything.

Kundalini may unravel and arise from the base of the spine (or sometimes from the feet) due to spiritual practices, or in response to life events, and when this happens it may move gradually, uncoiling like a snake, or quickly and explosively, into the gut, the heart or the head. This event can be startling and chaotic, frightening or blissful, and it usually triggers months and years of new sensations and changes in the person who awakens it. It may feel like the body’s wiring has moved from 110 to 220, and it takes time to adapt to it. It is understood in the eastern tradition to be a significant adjunct to spiritual realization, but it is rarely recognized as such in western traditions, although Christian mystics have often been said to have intense energetic or physical problems.

It is possible to find acknowledgment of this spiritual movement in many yogic and tantric traditions, Tantric Buddhism, Taoism, gnostic mystical tradition and some Native American teachings, and indigenous societies. An image of a rising snake in the body signifies its existence in the esoteric art of many cultures. The capacity to intensify and raise energy in the body has been explored for thousands of years. It is a natural human potential.

That being said, it is important to keep in mind that when this kind of awakening occurs, we are given lots of different side effects/signs. Some of these are events or ‘phenomena’ that we enjoy and others might really knock you off your feet in a crippling way. Below I am going to go over some of these signs and break them down a bit more properly. If you’re going through these things right now, you could be in the middle of a Kundalini awakening.

10 Signs You’re Experiencing Kundalini Awakening In Its Rawest Form:

1. You’re currently seeking serious changes within your life.

As our Kundalini becomes more and more awake serious changes are things we take more interest in. We want to grow and become a better version of ourselves. Our Kundalini energy pushes us to be more properly aligned with the source.

2. You’re more focused on the future.

Kundalini energies are not going to force you to lock yourself into the past. They will push you to look to the future and show you that you can move forward in ways you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. As time passes, you will begin to see just how unimportant the things you cannot change truly are.

3. You’re not getting as worked up as you normally would.

Because your Kundalini is waking up you are beginning to see life and the world itself as it truly is. You are not getting frustrated anymore because you can see the perspectives of others. Every side is now visible and you’re able to relax and understand the struggles of others.

4. You’re realizing how much more potential you truly hold within.

If your Kundalini is awakening you will begin to slowly feel more and more powerful. The things locked inside of you will be welling up ready to pop out. Everything you’re feeling is building to something that you cannot yet see.

5. You find yourself quite shaken for no reason often.

Kundalini awakenings come with physical symptoms as well. One of those is that people who are processing all of these energies at once tend to be quite nervous or shakey in general. This is because their bodies are overwhelmed and not yet used to what they are experiencing.

6. You are letting go of things more easily.

The more awake your Kundalini becomes the freer you will be to let go of things and people who do not serve you properly. You will be aligned with your true self and ready to move forward. Anyone and anything that holds you back will no longer be something you want to be a part of.

7. You wake during the night out of nowhere frequently.

When we wake during the night there is a reason behind it. While that reason could be a range of things sometimes it has to do with our Kundalini energies. This is because as noted above our bodies are unable to process the energies before them. This strength is shooting through you and sometimes it will come out of nowhere.

8. You’ve become an emotional rollercoaster.

The more you become aligned with your highest form the more of a rollercoaster your emotions will become. You as time passes will work through so many things. The more you’re working through the better. Once your Kundalini is where it needs to be everything will die down, trust in that above all else.

9. You’re more physically inclined when it comes to those you care the most about.

Kundalini energy is often associated with physical intimacy. Do you crave your partner more on this level? If you’re experiencing a more intense energetic connection the awakening process could be why.

10. You are living more in the moment and appreciating each minute as it is presented to you.

The more at the moment you are the more awakened your Kundalini truly is. When your Kundalini is active and prominent we will be more appreciative and thankful for each day that passes. While not everyone lives in the moment, those who kind their true potential are quite fine with it.

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